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Community Action Day 2

Our outdoor area is starting to take shape!  This is thanks to all the volunteers, and donations of materials from FDS Cambridge and a skip from Ely Skip Hire, and the massive amount of hard work on Saturday 11th May.  The outdoor classroom has been laid with top soil and seeded with grass, the construction area tidied up and the new forest school site created.  We also worked on the EYFS outdoor area, levelling the ground and creating planting and digging areas.  Lots of sore muscles today I expect but well worth it.  Thank you everyone!

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New Houses Announced

Following the children's fantastic presentations this morning to the school, voting has taken place and we can announce the new school houses!  They will be named after:

Sports Achiever, Lizzy Yarnold

Explorer, Neil Armstrong

Scientist, Ada Lovelace

Artist, Quentin Blake

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Lent Challenge

Local community members from Wilburton Baptist Church and St. Peter's Church joined children at school this morning to get to know each other and share stories about life as a child now and then.  The event was the final part of Bishop Stephen's Lent Challenge to learn across the generations.  Everyone had a wonderful time and we all agreed we should make it a regular event!

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Science Club Present at Science Fair

It was really nice to see children from the Science Club presenting at the Science Fair held at Little Thetford Primary School yesterday!  Thanks to Mr Thompson for leading the group in a fascinating investigation into red blood cells.

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Community Action Day 1

A massive thank you to everyone who came this morning on our first action day.  The turn out was amazing and so much was achieved - thank you.  There are lovely clean windows, facias and block paving; a pressure-washed EYFS outdoor surface and fence; an immense amount of vegetation and leaves cleared up; and a beach-load of gravel removed for the future Forest School site.  Thank you also for the bacon sandwiches and cake to keep us all going! Stage two will take place on the weekend of 9th-10th May for some serious groundwork construction!

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